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Membership Payment Processing and Billing

AAC payment processing and billing means reasonable rates for your membership organization. AAC goes beyond basic processing of payments for your recurring membership dues. Our service and support team handles customer issues and updates, credit card expiration, freezes and other basic contract related concerns. In addition, our team goes the extra step to follow up on overdue payments, chargebacks, and billing disputes to resolve these problems quickly. By resolving these additional concerns in a timely manner, we ensure the money that is tied up by chargebacks and disputes gets returned to your account as soon as possible, keeping more money in your pocket.

AAC clients include membership organizations such as fitness centers, tanning salons, Martial Arts schools and dojos, gun clubs, boxing clubs, kickboxing gyms, and more. If you have a membership based organization that requires recurring payments, contact us today. We help businesses like yours save money on payment processing costs and support your business growth.

AAC gives you choice. Whether you want just great payment processing rates, or full service management of your membership contracts, software or no software, AAC lets you decide.

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