Powered by FrontDesk™, our cloud-based software provides our clients with the ability to enter contracts, manage customer data and delivers a powerful reporting tool that enables customizable report creation and automatic delivery of regularly scheduled reports.

Financial And Member Reports

Up-to-date information is critical to running your business. Affiliated’s software solution empowers you to custom design the reports that you need! We’ve designed standard reports that provide details of payment information, delinquencies and trust account balances that are commonly requested by most facility owners. Our new reporting tool makes it easy to modify an existing report to meet your unique needs and schedule the report to be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

Contract Creation

Add new members quickly using our online contract creation tool. Gather new Martial Arts student or health club member contact information, payment method, type of contract and length, then save and your member or new student is ready to go! Digital signatures allow you to create electronic contracts that are automatically uploaded into the system for payment processing to begin on time. In addition, the option to print a hard-copy of the contract is always available.

Contract Templates

Payment amount, duration, renewal information, fees and other information can be setup in a contract template and applied with a single click to a new contract. Create the basics for each type of contract you use, modify as necessary when signing a new member or student, then review, sign and save and you’re ready to go!

Forms & Digital Signatures (e-sign)

Make contract entry even easier and compliant with state laws. Our contract templates enable you to enter the legal terms and agreements once, then apply those terms and agreements in each contract when the contract is created. By using forms, your legal terms are automatically included in the final output of the contract, allowing the new member or student to review those terms prior to signing the contract. Go digital. You have the option to use e-sign, enabling digital signatures on your contracts, and to print, delivering a hard copy to your new customer as well.

Check In and Attendance Tracking

Individual check in and group event check in capabilities enable you to maintain and review class rosters, print attendance lists and perform multiple attendee check in for an event or class. Attach a USB scanner and your members and students can check in using a barcode or scanner card. Individuals can also be removed from a class should they withdraw. A unique feature is the ability to mark No-Shows, so that you can follow up, and encourage a return to class activity.

Scheduling, Calendars and Attendee Rosters

Create events, classes, and tests.  Schedule recurring events and manage check in, cancellations and editing from within the calendar interface. Perform class group check in or print the roster and record attendance after the event. Manage all your classes and events from within your calendar interface with easy time slot selection, automated reminders and event requirements.

Personal Training Session Tracking

Create Personal Training contracts and track sessions on that contract. Check in clients and assign a trainer. Track training sessions for trainer reimbursement and client account management.

Role Permissions and Management

The assignment of roles enables you to control access to the member and student database. A variety of role levels are available to ensure staff, managers and executives have access to information relevant to their jobs. Employees can be given rights to access the data for one or all locations if you have multiple facilities.

Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Inventory

Use our POS option to maintain a record of sales, event fee payments and returns. Manage your inventory, monitor levels of inventory for ordering purposes and easily run reports on sales.


  • Financial reporting
  • Martial Arts
  • Personal Training
  • Contract entry and e-sign
  • Check In and attendance
  • Employee management
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Scheduling and Calendar