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Original FrontDesk Product

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FrontDesk Express (FDx)

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Martial Arts Express (MAx)

Our Classic FrontDesk™ software application paved the way for the future of facility management software. Developed back when DOS applications were just beginning to launch, it quickly became a useful tool to our clients. One of the first fully loaded applications on the market, FrontDesk delivered member and student management features, Point-of-Sale (POS), inventory, group scheduling, attendance records plus access control and more. Our FrontDesk application has proven itself for over 20 years.

As technology progressed, so did we. Based on client feedback and requirements, we developed two express versions—one specific to fitness and health club organizations, and one specific to Martial Arts.

Our express versions were developed to be more user-friendly and less module oriented. Based on a more windows-like design, features were easier to access and use than with the previous DOS-based product. Our express versions enabled us to offer local software, resident on our client’s business computer and web-hosted versions where the data was hosted on our server and our clients accessed via an internet portal.

Today, our FrontDesk software is offered a Software As A Service (SaaS) product that allows our clients to access their data from an internet connected device.