Affiliated’s member management software product simplifies managing Martial Arts students and fitness industry memberships. Partnered with our full service billing and payment processing solution, AAC software enables you to spend more time focused on your members and students while we take care of the business details.

Contract Entry

Enter contracts online, set primary payment methods and print contracts to give to your customer. Forms enable you to enter state appropriate legal verbiage to ensure your contracts are enforceable. Contract Templates allow you to enter that data in once and apply to each contract using that contract template–no need to think about it again! Templates shorten your time on paperwork in order to increase your time on sales and business growth.

Check In

Check In features enable using barcode scanning for customer entry, monitoring customer status and providing attendance records. Unattended Check In allows automatic barcode scan entry into the facility, but records contract status in Check In History for staff review. Attended Check In allows staff to view customer information and respond appropriately to any concerns or questions on the account.

Scheduling Classes and Events

Scheduling empowers your facility to populate the calendar with your classes, events and tournament schedules, add attendees to your events and check in all attendees via the calendar interface. You can schedule single or multiple recurrences of an event, track attendance, check in students or attendees and assign instructors.

Personal Training

Personal Training makes managing PT contracts and session usage easy. Create your PT contract, then customers check in via the Check In module, using a personal PIN to ensure proper recording of session usage and assignment of personal trainer. Reporting allows you to view, track and verify personal trainer sessions.

Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts module works hand in hand with our Scheduling module to make Discipline and Rank management less complicated. View all your classes and events in our calendar view, open the class to take attendance, open a test event to mark attendance and score or pass/fail and promote students. Student details are available in each student’s customer management page, enabling you and the student to monitor and watch progress. Setup and manage the requirements for each rank.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Track sales and inventory. Our POS features using barcode scan technology for your products, click or drag and drop for item selection when adding to the cart. Identify tax rates and apply in the shopping cart to ensure you collect the correct amount from your customer. Run reports on sales, profits and re-order levels to maintain your retail side of the business.

PCI Compliance

Affiliated’s software products are built to provide PCI Compliance for data entered into our applications. Social security numbers are masked and other private data is held securely. Our ongoing, regular compliance testing ensures your data and information is secure on our platforms. We provide redundancy and backup as well as secure login functionality, employee roles and permissions to prevent data breaches.