At Affiliated Acceptance, we are in business to help you stay in business. We support you being the hero by managing the back office (and sometimes ugly) tasks related to payments. Our services go beyond basic payment processing for recurring billing. We handle all your member questions and concerns regarding billing, overdue accounts, late payments and credit card expiration dates. Our call center puts the personal touch on managing your members, your way.

Current Accounts Help Keep Money In Your Account

Recurring payments are the backbone of your revenue. That means, accounts that are current keep you in business. By proactively following up on credit card expirations before the next due date, preventing declines and the costs associated with that, we help reduce the amount of late payments and disgruntled members. In addition, we follow up on delinquencies, and collect quickly on overdue amounts so that you keep more money in your pocket.

AAC Allows You To Be the Hero

With AAC handling these tasks, you can focus on growing your business and a positive relationship with all your members.

Consistent Cash Flow and Software, Too

Our services help you maintain consistent cash flow. With our powerful reporting tool, you are enabled to create and schedule reports that suit your business needs for forecasting, measuring and evaluating growth, areas of concern and member activities. In addition, our basic software comes with the ability to create contracts online, monitor referral activity, customize with your brand, accept in-house payments, and monitor recurring payments. The basic version even comes with the full reporting tool, enabling you to view your data in many different ways.

Affordable, Advanced Software

The Advanced version of our software opens a number of capabilities for just $99/month.

  • Attendance tracking
  • Check In
  • Programs (Silver sneakers, Clubs)
  • Electronic signatures for contracts
  • Personal Training
  • Session tracking (PT)
  • Martial Arts (Event, Class, Advancement, Belt, Levels)
  • Scheduler
  • Events management
  • Employee management
  • Time Clock
  • Point of Sale (POS)

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