Behold! The Gold, Silver and Bronze…


We are now at the end of our Olympic Customer Service Week and ready to award the Gold, Silver and Bronze!

This week has been a fun week of activities and food. From dressing up, to wearing the color of the rings, this has been an eventful week. Today we celebrate the Red ring – ring of the Americas – and we are all wearing red. Remember the color of something you champion and wear that color this weekend to remind yourself and others of something that matters to you.

Speaking of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

Where did gold come in? Originally, Olympic winners at the Ancient Greek Olympic Games were “…awarded an olive branch wreath….” Let’s note we are talking Ancient Greece, so you know some Greek god has to be involved. That would be Zeus. The winner received the olive branch to honor Zeus. So winning wasn’t a selfish thing- it truly began as something to honor another.

After the olive branch came trophies and a variety of medals. Designs and materials of the medals have changed over the years with Winter and Summer Olympics having separate designs. According to wikipedia, the concept of the gold, silver, bronze sequence of medals “…for the first three places dates from the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri.”

Regardless of who wins the Gold, Silver and/or Bronze, all athletes who participate  are given a participation medal and diploma. Just the feat of arriving at the Olympics, the hard work, commitment and the things they give up to be the best are something to be in awe of. Bringing things back to our reality, are there things that your family, coworkers or friends do that show hard work, commitment and sacrifice? Let them know they are a champion this week!

Breakfasts of Champions

Today is You’re A Champion (Breakfast) day! Management brought us Wheaties, the breakfast of Champions! Talk about rolling back time. Remember those Wheaties commercials?