Customer Service

Affiliated Acceptance Corporation: How We Do Customer Service

AAC is about saving their clients both time and money.  They provide payment processing and billing for industries like health clubs and martial arts schools.  AAC’s customer and client service teams handle everything from customer issues and updates to credit card expirations,...
Surviving the Season of Sweets

Your Guide to Surviving the Season of Sweets

You’ve been doing great all summer long.  You were diligent about getting in your workouts, being more active, eating healthier and you see the proof in the way you feel and when you look in the mirror.  Doesn’t it figure, that just as we have gotten into the grind of a healthier...
Payment Processing

Consumer View: Understanding Payment Processing And How It Affects You

It’s not uncommon to make a purchase decision with one organization and then later hear from another when it comes time to make the payments.  With an increase of issues related to stolen information, scams and identity theft, we can become uneasy when a separate company contacts...
Time Is Money

Make The Most of Your Sales Team: Avoid Peaks & Valleys With Better Time Management

Regardless of your industry, product or service, you may find yourself experiencing periods of peaks and valleys in your sales volume.  There are times when you are bringing in and closing so many leads that you can hardly stay on top of it and then there are times when it feels...
Freedom From The Office

Why Outsource Your Billing

If you own a martial arts school, a health club facility or any other type of business where you charge monthly fees for your services, you may have played with the idea of outsourcing your billing.  You have likely seen or heard about several companies that offer varying levels...

Referrals: This System Will Do Even More Than Save You Time And Money

What better way to grow your business than by having happy customers be so satisfied with your product or service that they advertise for you by sending referrals!  You can spend countless amounts of time and money on marketing but truly, nothing is more effective than a...
Run Your Fitness Business Smarter with Membership Billing Software

Circuit Training: Effective and Efficient

As a former personal trainer and a fitness enthusiast, people are always asking me how they can get in shape and drop pounds quickly with limited time.  The first thing I say is that nothing is “that simple”.  Anything worth having, like great health and a better physique, comes...